Union Argentina oil processors, optimistic about possible agreement to end strike BG.N CARG.UL – RT 5/28/2015

Union Argentina oil processors, optimistic about possible agreement to end strike BG.N CARG.UL – RTRS

28-MAY-2015 10:53:34AM

BUENOS AIRES, May 28 (Reuters) – The leader of a union oil Argentina processors on Thursday expressed optimism that an agreement to pay off a strike lasting three weeks and affected since Tuesday terminal shipments in scope Main agroportuaria region.

The head of the Federation of Workers of the Industrial Oilseed Complex mentioned his hope before joining the Ministry of Labour where he will meet again to discuss with business chambers, with the mediation of the Government, a wage increase to compensate for high inflation in Argentina. “We are optimistic negotiation. The only thing we would have to see is how (the agreement) is set,” he told Reuters the secretary general of the union, Daniel YOFRA, which was to cross the doors of the Ministry. According to the Federation, the union and the companies had already agreed to a wage increase of 36 percent, but the government, which closely monitors the wage negotiations, considered very high that arrangement. Labor disputes are common in Argentina, a key global provider of soy and its derivatives where private economists estimate inflation of over 30 percent per year, far from the official figures. A settlement between the parties normalize the activity in the northern suburban area of ​​the city of Rosario where out-of about 80 percent of agricultural exports Argentinas, where, since Tuesday, some terminals can not make shipments due to blockages on the doors made by the Federation. Activity in terminals BG.N Bunge and Cargill CARG.UL area is stopped because, due to the protests, “may not have personnel to operate or grinding plants or terminal to download and upload “said William Wade, manager of the Chamber of Maritime Port Activities (CAPyM). Until a few days the strike had not had much impact on exports of the southern country since only affects the secondary ports of southern Rosario. Argentina is the world’s leading exporter of soybean oil and meal, the third of the beans of the oilseed, corn fourth and a major supplier of wheat. The conflict occurs at the height of the growing season, as Argentine farmers are finishing harvesting a record soybean harvest would reach 60 million tons.




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